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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Apple Addiction!!!

We've all probably had a caramel apple at some point in our lives. I have had a few but I admit the sticky sweet creation wasn't at the top of my "fave dessert list". That was until yesterday when I met Mrs. Prindable.

 Actually, I met one of her apples. Yes, I said met, because it was definitely an EXPERIENCE!! I was lucky enough to win a jumbo gourmet caramel apple from Mrs. Prindable's during a holiday twitter promotion earlier this month. I got my choice among the eight delicious looking apples.
(Let me tell you, this was no easy decision.) It took me at least an hour to decide, because ALL of them were calling my name!!! Finally after much debate, I decided on this baby. The White Chocolate Praline Jumbo Apple. When I heard a knock at my door yesterday, I leaped in excitement because I knew my apple was on the other side!!!

 I quickly tore into the (elegant and sturdy) packaging to reveal the most beautiful caramel apple I have ever seen.

I will give you a few seconds to admire the beauty....



Ok, so I put it into the fridge but I just couldn't get it out of my mind. I decided I had to dig in. The first bite was LOVE. I savored every morsel of white chocolate, sugar pralines, decadent caramel. and tangy perfect apple. O.M.G. Needless to say, I was a slave to my fridge for the rest of the evening..coming back for "just one more bite" so many times that before I knew it, half the apple was gone!!! :(
 So, now I am trying to hold off eating the last few bites of my new found love until I can order another delicious Mrs. Prindable's apple. The only question is..which one?!?!?


  1. I love these! My cousin sent us these for christmas a couple of years ago and they're absurdly good!

  2. they look so good!! :) cool blog by the way

  3. Thanks Steffen! Just checked out your blog and LOVE it! Will be following! :)