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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kristin Chenoweth: My New Inspiration...

 Ok, I will go ahead and admit I am a little late to the Kristin Chenoweth party. The very first time I saw Kristin perform actually wasn't on stage in the mega-hit Wicked or on Pushing Daisies. Nope, I never even knew a TV show, named for her, one time graced the airwaves of NBC. I actually first discovered Kristin on an episode of Glee as the lovable yet somewhat misguided character, April Rhodes.

Even though I "found" her much later than all of you Kristin supa-fans, it took me .1 second to realize what a talent this woman was.....

and then....I read her book.

Kristin's book, A Little Bit Wicked, takes us on a journey of Kristin's life from a young girl in Oklahoma to a Broadway and TV phenom. I have to thank one of my fave bloggers, Tatiana from Love, Life, Lace for inspiring me to buy this book. After reading the first page, I simply could not put the book down. I loved learning how Kristin came from a modest upbringing to stardom all because of her hard work, faith, and dedication.
 I often think you must be "connected" to make it in the world of Broadway and TV, but none of Kristin's success was handed to her. Even if you don't know who Kristin is, I recommend this book as an inspiration to chase your dreams no matter what your background.

Now, I am sad I've missed my chance to see Kristin perform in Wicked on Broadway but I look forward to her future endeavors and plan to follow her on her magnificent journey!


  1. My BIL (husband's brother) worked with her on the series Pushing Daisies. He was a director of the show. It was such a unique tv show & she was wonderful in it. I agree. I think she is very talented!

  2. Sheryl..that is very very cool! I would LOVE to meet Kristin! I bet she is so sweet in real life! :)

  3. Sheryl! We LOVED Pushing Daisies! A very cool show!

    Kellie, I agree that she's very very talented. She also seems like a really down-to-earth sweet person.

    I love the look of your blog!! Looking forward to reading more!! :)

  4. I remember her from West Wing. Loved her role on that show, she gave Leo a run for his money.

  5. Yes, she does seem so down to earth! I bet she's a lot of fun to hang out with!
    I wish there were more different kinds of shows like Pushing Daisies was!

    My BIL is now over in Prague, Czech Republic. He is directing a new show for ABC starring Ashley Judd. It will be called "Missing". It is based on the movie "Taken". She will be playing what was Liam Neeson's role. Hopefully, it wil
    be a good show!

  6. When she came I GLEE I was like "OK WHO IS THIS" and then she started singing! She had me dancing! Love her when she sings, so catchy and I love her southern tone!

  7. I think she's so charming and adorable! I had no idea she was from Oklahoma. Pity I never got the chance to see her in Wicked but I love seeing her on Glee and I have her Christmas album (really good btw)! Will definitely check this book out!
    deeg131 at gmail dot com

  8. I am totally with you! I am a very late-to-the-game Kristin fan - and got her book for my birthday! She's precious!

  9. love kristin! would you belive i saw her in nyc walking her dog...still looked adorable in sweats and a ponytail!