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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Best Smelling Perfume Ever, Seriously!!

Like many of you, I love perfume. I prefer not to wear the same scent everyday. I thought that would never change..but… I was wrong. I have found a perfume that I could wear every single day and be happy and that perfume is called Miss Marisa by Ebba.

I have 462437 perfumes. I love something about each of them but the first time I tried Miss Marisa, I knew it was something much more special than any perfume I have ever worn. I have to thank Kourtney Kardashian for introducing me to Miss Marisa. Ok, so I have never actually met Kourtney, but I did read on her website that Miss Marisa was one of her favorite scents. She said when she wore Miss Marisa, people literally stopped her on the street to ask what she was wearing. I totally understand why. It smells THAT good!
I tried Miss Marisa perfume oil in the roll on bottle. I love the small, size of the bottle and the fact that you “roll it on” makes it super easy to apply. Miss Marisa contains wisps of Plum Blossoms and Cassis Romance, Fresh Mint and Waterlily.

I also tried Ebba’s Miss Marisa Tropical which is another yummy scent. It is a very close second to the original Miss Marisa. It contains juicy mango and creamy coconut (I am a big fan of coconut) also ginger and peach for a more fruity scent.
You can purchase both those scents plus a variety of other Miss Marisa creations here at Ebba starting at $32 for the perfume. I know most people wouldn’t want to buy a perfume without smelling it first, but believe me, you won’t be dissappointed. If you are still unsure though, you can purchase sample bottles from the site.
Do you plan on trying Miss Marisa for yourself? Let me know by posting a comment below and be sure to come back and let me know if you think it smells just as good as I do!


  1. Oh, I love tropical and beach scents. The 2 scents that I am loving right now is Beyonce Heat Rush and her new PULSE that Just launched at Macys...

    The Heat Rush is Just absolutely delicious! The Pulse on the other hand I did not like at first because it is one of those fresh scents... It kind of reminded me of dryer sheets... But, I came to love it after wearing it.

    Beyonce Fragrances are a must have! I only say that because when you smell them you would not expect them to be a Celeb Fragrance. Most celeb fragrances to me are either smell artificial or are a lot like designer fragrances.

    For example Britney's Midnight Fantasy smells like fake blueberry's, I still love it... It Just smells fake. Another is Katy Perry's PURR, It smells exactly like original Dior Poison.


  2. haha Josh! I sometimes think celebrity perfumes stink..or are too strong. There is a Jessica Simpson one that smells really good..maybe Fancy??
    I have never smelled the Beyonce ones but I will test them out at Sephora next time I go. I do love the PURR bottle..I am a sucker for cute packaging! :)

  3. i'm not a fan of perfumes honestly, but that seal is so pretty!