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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cover Up Imperfections with Smart Cover

Most of us have spots on our skin we wish we could cover up like moles, acne, and under-eye circles. Regular concealer usually won’t do the trick..but there is a product that does!

It’s called Smart Cover. I like to think of Smart Cover as a heavy-duty concealer that can be used for the face and body.

Smart Cover comes in a concealing cream and a cover stick. You can choose the color of the cream to match your skin tone and the cover stick comes in a neutral color.
I was anxious to try Smart Cover after looking at some of the before and after pics on their site.

 Smart Cover provides enough coverage to even cover large tattoos! I gave it a try on some moles on my arm. I put on two applications and waited five minutes for it to dry before putting on my shirt. Smart Cover made my arms look mole-free which I found really amazing!
You can buy Smart Cover in a kit of different products or you can buy items like Perfect Touch and Anti-Aging Pick-Up Sticks individually.
You can wash off Smart Cover with soap and water but an easier way is to use Smart Cover Cleanser.
Have you tried Smart Cover or are you interested in trying it? I would love to here your thoughts and see your before and after pics!

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  1. This looks like an amazing product! And according to the pictures, it works a lot better than other concealers on the market. I'll have to look for it! Katharina