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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Polish and Treat Nails: All In One

I am always looking for multi-tasking beauty products. I love having one product that eliminates the need for other, similar ones. That’s why I am loving Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat.
This Gel Coat helps solve problems for any nail type: soft, weak, dry or brittle. But my favorite part about the product is that it makes your nails a pretty pink color when applied.
Another bonus of Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat is that it actually filters out any yellow color in your nail. I have had the dreaded “yellow nail” problem before after months and months of wearing clear polish.
I just started using the product and my nails already feel stronger and they look so pretty and natural! It is formulated with keratin and calcium and it creates a protein-rich coating which instantly strengthens nails and helps them grow longer.
It's a little pricey at $30 but since it is more than one product in one, I really think it is worth it!!

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