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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Who says nothing in life is free??

It's officially that time of the year again...I'm talking about FREE makeup month at Allure Magazine!!!! Every weekday this month you have the chance to win dozens of accessories..nail polish...sunglasses..designer bags...and on and on and on...

Some of you are very familiar with the annual month of madness..but if you are just now hearing of these amazing giveaways...let me give you a little tutorial.

The giveaways run from noon to 5pm EST each week day this month. You need to enter right on the hour (this is VERY important) for every hour except noon (this one is a high end prize and is a random draw). To enter, go here and click on August Free Stuff Blowout. You will want to check out the calendar of prizes being given away. This is my third year entering for these goodies and I have been able to score a few items the past two years. I have heard of some people who win almost every item..(please note, this isn't an easy task). You have to be super fast to submit your info right on the hour but you can't be too early or too late or you won't win because these giveaways are VERY popular!
 I only enter for items I really want or really want to try. If you won't be around a computer for a giveaway you want, you can buy the August issue of Allure..and scan the tag inside the mag to enter the giveaway. You will need to scan the tag each time you enter a giveaway.

 There are some ah-mazing prizes this year like a Rebecca Minkoff bag and Deborah Lippmann polish. You won't know you have won a prize until weeks..and sometimes months after you enter. If you don't win, you won't be notified. If you do win, you may get an email stating you won, or your prize may just show up on your doorstep or in your mailbox one day. That is the exciting part. I've had prizes show up from the August Allure giveaway as late as  six months after I entered..that was a nice surprise!!

 So, have you had luck in this giveaway before? Do you have any questions about how to enter?? Please let me know and I can't wait to hear what everyone wins in the coming months!!!


  1. Both me and my fiance have been entering for all the fragrance and the makeup...

    From my understanding is that it is different then last year...? All the items were givin away in draws but this year its who ever fills the form out & gets it in first!

    So whoever submits the entry page on the dot has a good chance at getting some awesome stuff!

  2. Hey Josh..
    The way I understood is that for the past few years, the people who enter the fastest will win. The only exception being the noon giveaways which are random draws. Have you won anything in the past?

  3. This is my first year doing it! Maybe we might get some cool stuff! I have entered all the fragrances and most of the makeup! I am looking forward to the Mugler the most...

    After we move & get settled down I will be starting a blog to do reviews. Looking into different blogging sights... I hope "Maybe" I can get a few companies to let me review products and do a giveaway.

  4. Josh..I am entering for the Mugler scent too..Angel! It smells divine! I have a sample bottle of it and I LOVE it! It is almost empty so I hope we both win a brand new bottle :)Good luck! Can't wait to read your blog when you get it started!