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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Month-New Goal anyone else finding it hard to believe it is already August??? Even though, I love fall..I am a little sad that summer is going by so fast. The new month has me setting some new goals for myself. The first one, I already got a start on yesterday...

 I started running again and my body let me know right has been too long. I have been using the extreme heat as an excuse to exchange running outside for the eliptical machine at the gym. Running is definitely a much better workout but I will be paying for my three month break as I get back into the rhythm of running.

My other goal for the month goes hand in hand with "workin on my fitness" I am going to start eating healthier..

I've indulged in too many Gigi's cupcakes..Starbucks cakepops and Krispy Kreme donuts..yes, they have been delicious but I need learn the meaning of the word moderation! lol!

What are your goals for August? I believe writing them down or saying them out loud will provide extra motivation to make sure they are accomplished!


  1. I have a similar fitness goal, I have recently started working out again after being lazy about it for a long time.

  2. My goal in August is to eat less junk food. I work right next to a starbucks and always see those Starbucks Cakepops and have been tempted...I am try to be good...I am trying to be good! Love the concept of your blog! Hope you'll stop by and perhaps we should follow each other?

  3. Hey ladies..good luck with your goals! :) B..I am now following your blog and look forward to reading it daily. Thanks for reading my blog and your kind words!! :)