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Friday, July 22, 2011



This week I am thankful for:
1. My furry friends..all four of them: Tinkerbell, Tucker, Scout, Dexter. You bring so much happiness into my life on a daily basis. You immediately make any day better!!

2. Ellie Goulding-I just discovered your music last week and I've had your Pandora station playing non-stop. My favorite song is Starry Eyed! 

3. Speedway Frozen Cappuccino. When I can't get to a Starbucks, you are a great alternative. Totally yummy!!

4. The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio- a friend recommended this 2005 movie and I am so glad she did. A great period piece about a woman who makes a living on contest wins. There is so much more to this endearing movie and it is now one of my favorites!

 I hope your weekend gives you many things to be thankful for! See you Monday! :)


  1. Caaaaa ute! I always wanted a miniature dachshund! I have a miniature beagle named bailey & a love birdy named hiccup! haha & I always use Pandora off my ipod! I turn on the Jazz channel at night on my ipod & leave it on my night stand... It helps me sleep!

  2. Hey Ryan!
    Well, thank you very much! I bet your two little babies are super adorable as well! Great idea using the jazz channel to fall asleep...might try that one! :)