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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Want that Smokey Eye Look? The Answer: Mally Beauty

I don’t know how many times I have wondered how celebrities achieve that perfect “smokey eye” look. I have tried it many times, unsuccessfully. I cannot tell you how excited I was to finally get it right…and it was all because of Mally Beauty.

I first learned about Mally Beauty when I saw celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal on QVC. I had been wanting to try her products for quite some time. I was estatic to try the City Chick Smokey Eye Kit. I have the kit in the color Soho Silver. I have tried dozens of eyeshadows but this set really sets the bar high. I was immediately impressed by the packaging. It is in a beautiful green mirrored case. It came in it’s own super cute makeup pouch AND it comes with eyeliner!

Another awesome thing about Mally’s eyeshadow kits is that on the bottom of the compact, it tells you which shadows go on certain parts of your eyes. Mally makes it EASY for you!
I noticed a HUGE difference in the way my eye makeup looked when I started wearing these colors but I became an even better “eye-makeup-artist” after an amazing experience. I was actually lucky enough to speak with Mally herself over the phone this week and she gave me some great tips to achieve the “smokey eye look” by using the City Chick Smokey Eye Kit in Soho Silver. Now, I am going to share them with you!
Mally says to always use the eyeshadow base and put that on first. It keeps your eye makeup lasting all day. Mally’s eyeshadows are for high performance wear..and it’s true, they really last for hours and hours.
Next, she says take the silver shade and put it all over the lid to the lash line just past the crease. Then use the matte gray color in the crease.
Next, take the black eyeshadow as close to the lash as possible and use a little bit on the bottom.
Mally says to make your eyes “pop”, line them with darker liner on the bottom and lighter liner on the top…this tip REALLY REALLY works. It made a big difference in the way my eyes looked.
Finally, Mally says to always use lots and lots of mascara..and voila! you have created a smokey eye masterpiece!
You can buy the City Chick Smokey Eye Kit on the Mally Beauty site for $40.
I hope you try it for yourself and if you do, please send me pictures of the results. I will post them to my blog.


  1. The thing I have found works best for smokey eyes is the Hard Candy eyeshadow at Walmart and GOOD blending brushes! Sometimes I will mix a dark grey or black with a metallic silver to do smokey eyes! I would use MAC,"Which is the brand I prefer" Mac is expensive! & its true you do get what you pay for and I bet celebs use the best "MAC" & most of them have artist to do their makeup!

  2. I am still trying to master the smokey eye myself too, and will definitely try what you and Mally suggested above. Thanks for the tips!