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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

This is My Moment....

So, it was time for my moment. My time to shine on the red carpet at the one and only Chinese Theatre in the best city in the world. I have to agree with Tupac..."I love LA!!"

I had been living the life of a celebrity. I was treated to a driver, room service. a Beverly Hills shopping spree, seriously...could life get any better? Oh yes it could!! I was all dressed up in my Haute Hippie formal with the crazy chic feather skirt topped off with my beautiful Elizabeth and James heels (shout out to MK and Ashley, love your line, girls!)

My hair was FAB-ulous and my makeup was star-worthy. I actually looked the part of a red carpet reporter....but inside, I was slightly freaking out. My mind was racing with questions I had been preparing to ask ALL the stars of the movie. What's the best death scene in Scream history? Why do you think the Scream franchise struck movie gold? Who in the cast has the best scream? As I approached the red carpet, I kept telling myself to breathe...I mean, how tragic would it be to faint in front of 14363 celebrities AND the paparazzi?!?!? This is not how I want my first TMZ moment to go down!!

Actually being on the red carpet was surreal. I'm sure you've seen it yourself on tv so many times like me, but to actually stand there was such a WOW moment!!

I took lots and lots of pictures, I wanted to make sure this moment in my life was well documented! Time seemed to fly before I heard photographers start screaming the stars names. Courtney..over here! Neve, you look beautiful! I was getting more nervous because I knew I would be face to face with them very soon.

And then, it happened, The stars started lining up to talk to press members and ME and there I was asking all the hard hitting questions (ok, not really) and before I knew it, I had talked to half the cast! Wanna see for yourself? Go here!

My time with the stars went by fast and I had to rush into the theatre to see the movie. Now, obviously this movie watching experience would be unlike any other I've had before but to let you know just how cool it was...Director Wes Craven actually welcomed the packed house to the premiere of his movie. I mean, have you ever seen a movie with it's director? Nevermind the fact the entire cast was watching it with me too!

And the movie?? It was beyond amazing wonderful fantastic! The opening scene had the crowd alternating between gasping in surprise and laughing (see that's the magic of the Scream franchise)! I was 110 percent impressed. After the show, is the after party, of course! We headed over to the Redbury for a party WITH the cast. Is this really my life??? My favorite part (besides bumping elbows with Hayden Panettiere) was the delicious Crumbs cupcakes custom made for the movie.

I wish that I could have had this moment for life, I really really do..but sadly, it was coming to an end. I can't thank PopSugarTV enough for this experience. I returned home to Kentucky a few months ago, but there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about the amazing opportunity they provided for me. Nicki Minaj said it best...It was in that moment that I truly felt so alive!


  1. What an amazing experience!

    You look so gorgeous! I absolutely love your outfit.