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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Smell like Sugar with Baby Soft Skin!

This weekend I had an exhilarating experience in the shower and it was all because of a body polish..seriously! The brand this excellent product comes from is Fresh and  if you haven’t tried any of their products before, you are really missing out!  The first wonderful thing I noticed about Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish when I opened the jar is the heavenly smell. Words cannot describe how yummy it smells! The smell might have been enough for me to love this product but I had no idea what I was getting ready to experience in the shower.
I have found even the most gentle body polishes/scrubs leave your skin feeling a little “stripped”..but not this one. My skin has NEVER felt so soft from using any other product and believe me, I have tried 124387 lotions, scrubs, shower gels, etc. in my lifetime.  What makes the polish so special? It has real brown sugar crystals that prevent moisture loss while buffing away dry skin cells. It is made with four precious oils that deeply moisturize dry skin. It has gingseng root and peppermint to invigorate and revitalize skin cells….plus even more!
The HUGE 14.3 ounce jar of Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish is $65 and I promise it is so worth every penny!!
I think it’s time for me to take another shower and enjoy more Brown Sugar Body Polish…and that's my view on this awesome product!!

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